Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspection of parts via precise three dimensional physical measurement utilizing calibrated equipment that is traceable to NIST is our specialty. We utilize state-of-the-art CMM's and optical comparators to perform the dimensional inspections that will provide you with the engineering drawings and data necessary to justify production and ensure quality for your customers.

We specialize in Turnkey Dimensional Inspection Packages, First Article Inspection and Reverse Engineering, Geometric Design and Technology is an A2LA accredited metrology lab that can meet your need for reliable, cost effective outsourced dimensional inspection services. We have experience in injection molding, casting, forging, sheet metal and tool components in the Medical, Electronics, Consumer, Automotive, plastic and foundry industries!

Sometimes, it's necessary to outsource your dimensional inspection services to an accredited laboratory that has the certified equipment and specialized personel capable of providing a good turnaround, with a level of quality documented to meet ISO and other standards. We can serve that purpose for you!

Turn Key Dimensional Inspection Packages


We can offer Full Turn Key (Turnkey) Dimensional Inspection Packages which can include:

  • Defining the Inspection Method
  • Design and Building Fixtures and/or Gages
  • Providing Inspection Methods and Procedures
  • Training on the Inspection Methods and/or Procedures

Turn Key Dimensional Inspection Packages

Dimensional Inspection of First Articles


Dimensional Inspection of First Articles are one of the most common dimensional inspection services provided by GD&T. Our A2LA accredited dimensional metrology lab, NIST certified dimensional inspection equipment and our trained technicians can deliver on your needs for First Article Inspections.

First Article Inspection

Reverse Engineering


Another dimensional inspection service we offer is reverse engineering of your product. Reverse engineering can be used to provide an up-to-date 2D or 3D CAD model of your part. GD&T uses Solidworks CAD software to give you a full part characterization. Take advantage of our reverse engineering experience to obtain CAD data that is cost effective.

Reverse Engineering

Additional Quality Services


Salt Spray Testing done according to ASTM B117 in our specially designed test chamber is one of our additional quality services, along with Part Sorting and Containment, Kitting, Assembly and Sub Assembly Services, and Rework.

Additional Quality Services

Additional Dimensional Inspection Services

Gage Repeatability Studies

Gage Repeatability Studies also known as GR&R or GRR, is a statistical tool that measures the amount of variation in the measurement system arising from the measurement device and the people taking the measurement. When measuring the product of any process, there are two sources of variation: the process variation and the measurement system variation. The purpose of conducting a Gage R&R is to be able to distinguish the former from the latter, and to reduce the measurement system variation if it is excessive. At GD&T some of the more common times that we will run GR&R's are on any fixtures that we design and build or on capability studies that we run.

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is a set of advanced product quality planning tools used by major automotive industry customers to approve supplier processes to production parts. PPAP approval by the customer is a prerequisite to supply products to automotive customers throughout the supply chain. An effective PPAP assures customer confidence and improves customer perception. An effective PPAP allows quality cost reduction and supports an effective customer/supplier partnership.

Capability Studies/Statistical Analysis

Capability Studies/Statistical Analysis also known as SPC (Statistical Process Control) is the statistical analysis of measurement data collected from a manufacturing process to determine it's viability and make educated corrections to a process. A capability study can be one of your best problem-solving tools. GD&T will provide capability studies/statistical analysis using the SPC software SPC IV Excel. We will supply you with all the raw data as well as histogram charts showing you your (Bell curve, Cpk, Cp, Ppk, Pp, Sigma level, etc.)

Metrology Lab

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