First Article Inspection


First Article Inspection is a Dimensional Inspection Service that we are frequently asked to perform. A "First Article" could be an item that is not yet in production (a 'prototype') that needs measured to see whether a company should even consider production.


Another situation where First Article Inspection is necessary is when the product had been transferred from one manufacturer to another and that new manufacturer now has to prove that they are capable of manufacturing the product.


First Article Inspection is a complete, independent, and documented physical and functional inspection process. We act as your Quality Control staff to verify that your (or your vendor's) production methods have produced an acceptable part as specified by engineering drawings, planning, purchase order, and/or other applicable design documents.


First article inspections are one of the most common services provided by GD&T. It's critical to have a reliable and viable means of accurately verifying your manufactured products. We can help you accomplish that by performing an in-depth evaluation of the first piece from your production run.


You can rely on GD&T to get your FAI done at a reasonable price and time.



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