Dimensional Inspection Equipment


Geometric Design and Technology realizes that in order to be successful, we must have satisfied customers.  All of your metrology work is done in an environmentally controlled laboratory.  Our equipment is kept up to date on software and calibration requirements.  We have the ability to dimensionally measure with touch probe, optics, laser and numerous types of hand tools.  Our work force of skilled, trained technicians will provide you with comprehensive results that are accurate, reliable, impartial, and unbiased.  Your dimensional data can be supplied to you on a customized report format or we can supply the data on our standard report format.

Optical Gaging Products SmartScope Flash


  •     Full 2D Programmable
  •     1/4-Micron Scales
  •     Smart Ring Light
  •     Touch Probe Capabilities
  •     8"x8"x6" working area
  •     MeasureFit Software

Optical Gaging Products Avant 600


  •     Full 3D Programmable
  •     1/4-Micron Scales
  •     Smart Ring Light
  •     Touch Probe Capabilities
  •     24"x18"x6" Working Area

Optical Gaging Products Avant 300


  •     Full 3D Programmable
  •     1/4-Micron Scales
  •     Smart Ring Light
  •     Touch Probe Capabilities
  •     MicroTheta Rotary Table
  •     DRS Off-Axis Laser Probe
  •     12"x12"x8" working area

Brown & Sharpe 775 ONE Shop Floor CMM


  •     Running PC-DMIS Software
  •     6 position docking station
  •     Working area of 27"x27"x20"

FARO Quantum


  •     Poly Works 3D Software
  •     8' Radial Wing span
  •     Laser Line Probe
  •     Transportable for on-site inspection

Optical Gaging Products SmartScope Flash 500


  •     Full 3D Programmable
  •     1/4 Micron Scales
  •     SmartRing Light
  •     Touch Probe Capabilities
  •     24" X 20" X 8" Working Area

In House Inspection Clean Room


  •     OGP SmartScope 500
  •     Transition Gowning Room
  •     Inspection Room

Besides the measurement equipment described above, we also have an Instron Durometer Tester, an Ohaus Scout Pro 200g Balance for weighing and counting, Mitutoyo Ceramic Gage Blocks, Gage Pins, Indicators, Micrometers and a variety of hand tools that are traceable to NIST. We also have two additional Avant 300’s and a Profilometer.  Our OGP Equipment runs on Measure X software and a variety of Measuremind Software both 2D and 3D.

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