Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering is a dimensional metrology service that we can provide here at Geometric Design and Technology, Inc. We have the capability to reverse engineer your product as long as it can be dimensionally measured.


Have you considered having another company manufacture a part for you and realized that you don’t have actual manufacturing drawings? Did you want to make design changes to an assembly and noticed that you don’t have the drawings for it? If you have a product that has no drawing, or have drawings that are outdated, our reverse engineering service can supply you with a new up-to-date drawing.


Geometric Design and Technology uses the CAD software Solid Works.  We can supply you with a two or three dimensional drawing.  Our reverse engineering dimensional metrology measurement equipment can use touch probes, optics or a laser to create a "point cloud" that can be used to supply you with a reliable drawing of your product.


    According to Wikipedia - A point cloud is a set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These vertices are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, and typically are intended to be representative of the external surface of an object.


Reverse engineering a product can be a complicated procedure.  Great detail must be given to the reverse engineering process to assure that when you go to remanufacture the product you will have every detail correctly identified.


Outsourcing your need for reverse engineering to Geometric Design & Technology can be a cost effective means to developing manufacturing drawings for both simple and complex parts needed to produce your products.


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